December 21, 2008

This morning Bobby shuffled off to work his last Chief's game of the season. Those of you that know him know the boy LOVES his football, but with the crummy season the Chief's have had this year, and with the below zero wind chill, he was less than enthusiastic to go stand around outside, even if he gets to watch the game from the sidelines (can you blame him). You should have seen him bundled up (I didn't get a picture, not that he would have let me if I tried), he looked like the little brother from A Christmas Story.

I'm hoping he makes it through the day, poor baby.

December 17, 2008

A Kid's New Year's Eve

In Kansas City and looking for something fun to do with the kiddos during winter break? Check out Wonderscope's New Year's Eve event, Wonder Eve. A day stuffed full of activities such as Gymboree and Starlab, as well as family filled entertainment will be offered, including a magician, juggler, storyteller, as well as singer Jim Cosgrove. If that isn't enough, they'll even have FREE pizza, so you can play the WHOLE day - nonstop. :) To top things off, Wonderscope will be premiering their brand new water exhibit, H2OH! Waterplay fun in the middle of winter - no swimsuit required (although, you'll want to roll up your sleeves :))! Having already seen this baby in action, I promise it's a "splashing" good time (hee, hee).

Best of all, it's all offered during the day. So, you'll still have the evening to celebrate with the adults (if you still have the energy).

For more information,
click here.

December 5, 2008

Guess who's eating cereal?

Move over Mikey, there's a new kid in town. I think the look on Jonas' face sums up how he felt about his first experience:

Our attempt last night produced a lot of goofy faces (from Jonas) and more output than input of cereal. However, he's catching on to the spoon much better than he caught on to the bottle. When I tried again this morning, he ate most of what was in the bowl!

O Tannenbaum

We finally found time in our hectic schedules to get our Christmas tree up. I was so excited because this is the first tree we've had for YEARS (there was never enough room in our apartment). It just doesn't feel like Christmas until all the decorations are up and the tree is lit. Ahhh, let the holiday season begin!

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