December 21, 2008

This morning Bobby shuffled off to work his last Chief's game of the season. Those of you that know him know the boy LOVES his football, but with the crummy season the Chief's have had this year, and with the below zero wind chill, he was less than enthusiastic to go stand around outside, even if he gets to watch the game from the sidelines (can you blame him). You should have seen him bundled up (I didn't get a picture, not that he would have let me if I tried), he looked like the little brother from A Christmas Story.

I'm hoping he makes it through the day, poor baby.

1 comment:

kcjayhawk said...

it was so cold. some people donated chiefs tickets and FREE parking (the best)to the police station. they usually fight over the tickets but yesterday there were no takers. that never happens.


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