March 16, 2009

To Teethe, Or Not to Teethe?

Well, after months of drooling madness and several people telling me Jonas is teething, I think the kid is finally cutting his first tooth. He woke up last night crying and completely inconsolable. Bobby and I were stumped. I finally took a look at his lower gums, which were red and swollen. Fortunately, we already had baby Oralgel in the house, due to my misdiagnosis a few months ago. A little bit did the trick! The kid was instantly quiet. Today he's been gumming the heck out of anything and everything that's been put in front of him. No sign of the actual tooth, but I'm positive I'm not wrong this time. :)

** There must be something in the air, because our friend Conrad is starting teethe too!

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