January 5, 2009

6 Months

Today Jonas had his 6 month check up (I can't believe he's already 6 months old!). This has been his best doctor's appointment by far. His doctor was so impressed with how well Jonas has been eating, that he finally gave us the okay to take him off of Neosure (his preemie formula) and put him on plain old Similac. HOORAY! All the worries we had in the beginning of this kid gaining weight are starting to seem light years away. Not to mention the fact that Neosure is the most expensive formula out there, so I can't say I'm too disappointed that we don't need to buy it anymore.

I decided to go ahead and have Jonas get his flu shot with his immunizations - even though he doesn't need it. (When he was at Children's Mercy, I made him promise he would never get sick enough to go to the hospital again, since he caused enough worry his first couple weeks of life. I just hope he keeps up his end of the deal.) Actually, he was already getting three shots, so I figured it was better to throw on one more today instead of going through the whole ordeal again. Aside from his initial shrieks, the kid perked up within minutes and has slept most of the evening.

A couple of stats from today:
Weight: 15 lbs. 12.8 oz.
Length: 26"

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